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6 Living Room Design Tips

Plan for inviting lighting.

Living room lighting should be geared towards creating a comfortable, relaxed mood. There are plenty of living room design tips out there that you can follow, but one of the most important ones you should keep in mind is to aim for many layers of light. Position different light sources well, so they can ensure proper illumination and distribution.

Create a focal point.

A focal point helps draw a person in the living room space. An example of this is a fireplace that symbolizes home and hearth. In some houses, the television is the center of attention. An artwork can also be a good living room focal point.

Design a media center.

If the living room also serves as your family room, then watching television is the room’s main use. Whether you have an older or newer model, see to it that it fits the room’s design well. Having a built-in bookcase is a great idea, since it can accommodate the television pretty well.

Use art collections to accessorize your living room.

Use art pieces to breathe in new life to your living room walls. Not all of us are experts when it comes to this aspect, so if you want to end up with the most amazing choices, feel free to reach out to an interior design firm in Malaysia.

Use colors to set the mood.

The right choice of colors can relax or energize the area, depending on how cool or warm they are, and how intense they are. For example, a serene scheme of soft white or blue makes a living room feel cool, calm and collected, transforming it to an elegant setting for gatherings.

Finish the ceilings and walls.

In a traditional sense, living room walls get more formal or elaborate treatment compared to other rooms since it is a public space. If you want to turn your living room to a more welcoming area, pick wall coverings that reflect your personal style. Most people go for designs that bring texture and warmth to the walls.


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