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Exterior Home Design Trends This 2020

Spa-Like Exteriors

Do you want to replicate the relaxing vibe of a resort or spa in your home? Well, good news. You can replicate this vibe in your home by taking exterior design seriously. You can start with your walls. Settle with earthy, neutral tones like creams and browns, as well as more plants. Also,

Some Coating on the Walls or Black Paint

This 2020, black is no longer an unlucky color. Expect to see more of this color in homes, even on exterior walls. If you want to change your exterior home design this 2020, but is operating on a limited budget, a new paint job will do. Incorporating the color black in your home is a great idea, since just like the color white, it is clean, cool and low-maintenance.

Modified Wood on Exterior Walls

Are you thinking of using wood as part of your exterior wall? Wood is becoming more and more popular material for home renovation and building work. Though, take note that today, several contractors are now utilizing materials which are better than wood. It is called modified wood. If you are thinking of using modified wood in your property, reach out to a Malaysia interior design company.

Painted Bricks

Bricks are common home building materials, and can be seen in almost every home. Consider using painted bricks in your home. This is an awesome design concept that you can venture into this 2020. It will surely give your home a timeless feel.


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