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Tools Available for Uptime and Downtime Monitoring

As many clients and hosting reviews stated, it is recommended that most WordPress users use this software because it is free, versatile and easy to understand. We enjoy the design and functionality of our pages, as this is most of all our management.

Nonetheless, it’s as important as the consistency and functionality of our website–not just your own–that it is really accessible for those who are looking for it. After all you can’t just check the website to make sure that it remains online 24/7.

This is why we are covering some easy ways in today’s post that you can track the uptime of your WordPress platform utilizing plug-ins , external utilities or both.

Uptime Monitoring Services

Let’s first make sure we all know what the uptime monitoring is. Uptime management means simply reviewing the website regularly to make sure the site works properly. Typically it is done by having your server ping a module or utility and sharing the results with you.

In addition to asking you if your website is up or not, any application or program that does this appears to bring its own spin to the service in order to add more interest as seen. But when we test provider and module choices below, we will get more into this.

Importance of Uptime in WordPress Websites

Even if we spent considerable time staring at our website on our device, it doesn’t always mean that everyone else is looking at it or not. It can clearly be a rather large problem if that occurs, especially on a regular basis.

There are a number of ways the name and reputation can be damaged:

1. You will be viewed as untrustworthy. Why should your clients or consumers trust you in their company if you can’t maintain your own website?

2. Potential customers are being denied. If your goods or services can’t be seen, how can they purchase them?

3. The search engines’ trust will be damaged, and the SEO rankings will be lower. When you index your website (or just too often) every time, you can offer less attention to your search results.

Site uptime is obviously important. And it’s not as if it isn’t recognized among hosting firms. Uptime is typically one of its top points of sale. So I can see how some of you might ask why it’s needed. Most hosting services don’t deliver a guarantee of 99 percent uptime?

Sure, most hosting providers offer this promise, but it is impossible to tell whether they agree with it or not without surveillance. This is where the software and resources for uptime management are very useful. They make sure that you get the service you pay for and help protect you against the unfortunate consequences of a host which is not effective.

Third Party Uptime Monitoring for WordPress Websites

The above providers are a few of the top third-party systems for website tracking. They deal with all manner of pages, not only WordPress managers. Such services may be the best option for people who don’t want to add another plugin to their installation but still want to track their uptime.


Site24x7 will assist you in tracking servers, software and pages. You can monitor uptime, downtime, results, etc. Their key features involve e-mail, SMS, RSS and Twitter web outage or unavailability alerts. They even observe the response times and other efficiency measurements; you have to evaluate them along with the devices. In all this, it is planned to be flexible for larger sites and businesses, but, it is small or large.


The most popular website monitoring service possibly is Pingdom. These are 100% online and offer various key features and advantages. The first thing, naturally, is that the pages will be tracked and alerted if they go down. You do it by e-mail or SMS. You also provide comprehensive performance reports, assisting you in reviewing important experiences and communicating the results with your team members.

Server Uptime

Service Uptime provides the same functionality as above: top time tracking, performance monitoring, analysis of data and alerts. Where their service seems to be special, they dig a little and track the quality, availability and output of different sections of your website’s content and make sure that your guests enjoy what they have produced.

Plugin Uptime Monitoring for WordPress Websites

The following WordPress plug-ins are all ways to track the uptime of your web. They also include the feedback and review phase in the WordPress dashboard. Perhaps, those who do not want to miss a ton would enjoy it.


Another extremely easy plugin is SensorPress. Once you are enabled, it will be allowed and contact details will be provided. The app will always test the server for 15 minutes (or faster) and alert you of any uptime problems.


The’s Jetpack plugin is an extremely popular plugin with many apps. One is the tracking of the uptime. To start receiving this free service, you may trigger the monitor function. Notices will be received.

Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring

Eventually, our final plug-in option, the second “hybrid,” is usable. This plugin is the first feature in the above –Pingdom segment. The downside to using this app is that it applies all of it to the WordPress dashboard and spares the inconvenience of accessing other websites for behavior tracking. And still it’s safe, that’s cool.


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